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October 2020


Looking back on AIA Birmingham fall pre-COVID! Officers Danny Trotter, CCR Architecture & Interiors – PresidentLaura Bartlett, Bartlett Projects – President ElectTravis Burke, Nequette Architecture & Design – TreasurerTopper Parham, KPS Group, Inc. – SecretaryCharles Williams, Jr., Charles Williams & Associates – Second Year DirectorTim Aho, Aho Architects, LLC – First Year Director Councilors Tim […]

June 2020

We're all in this together! (4)

Words of Encouragement from our President: Even though we are part of a community, (architects, religious, neighborhood, etc.) we need to rely upon ourselves as individuals to make our society good. I am grateful to be a part of a profession that feels deeply and is not afraid of expressing it. We can’t legislate morality […]

2020 April Newsletter


Words of Encouragement from our President: “Most of us are in a bit of a shock I think. I enjoyed a sermon this weekend:  it mostly said this too shall pass…and we need to not give up.  Easy to say, hard to do. ‘Look forward, don’t give up.’ I so look forward to resuming our […]

2020 January Newsletter

AXP Study Materials

A Message from our 2020 President:   Dear Colleagues and Friends, First, I want to thank you for trusting me to be your president.  I am among many talented and committed colleagues, so it is an honor. I recognize that each of you makes a huge difference in our chapter. I went to Grassroots last […]

October Newsletter

Sloss Pour & Tour IG Post

Editorial Hello Beautiful Architects, Usually, I would say Happy Fall in the October Newsletter, but Mother Nature is not ready for Fall yet. Thanx to all who took the AIA Member survey. Thankfully most of you think we are doing a good job.  We try. Your responses are going to guide our chapter meetings in […]

2019 August Newsletter


Happy August, I love survey results! The AIA Birmingham Executive Committee is working on a five -year strategic plan and the survey results will help guide our plan. MEMBER input is crucial for us to be successful and have the greatest impact. I am loving the results we have collected to date, most of you […]

2019 April Newsletter

March Recap (10)

Happy Friday AIA Family, The loss of our sweet friend Dick Pigford, FAIA reminded me the people we work with become our friends and work family. Dick was a friend and mentor to so many of you. I have received so many calls, text and emails about how Dick inspired and mentored them, kept them […]

March 2019 Newsletter

Copy of SEAoAL April Meeting Sponsorship (1)

Save US Architects!!! The expectations we put on architects each year is overwhelming. We expect you to save the environment, keep us healthy, quality of life and keep us safe- thru DESIGN, but the public still struggles with the VALUE an architect brings to the table. Maybe, just maybe with SAFE design being in the […]

February Newsletter


You guys are the BEST!!! We asked you to donate art supplies for two schools and you did. Dick Pigford and I had the pleasure of delivering them to the kids.  They were all so excited, except for one little girl who was disappointed she did not get to take them home with her. Both […]