President’s Letter

2018 Presidents Letter

Is it me or does time go by faster the older we get? Ready or not, the New Year is upon us. Along with new challenges, 2018 promises new opportunities and new rewards. At AIA Birmingham, we are excited and optimistic about the upcoming year. If last year’s trend continues, we will see an even more robust building economy and increased billing. After years of stagnant growth, we welcome the upturn. With more work, all of us will be busier than ever.

As we focus on new projects, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, it’s important to not lose sight of the bigger picture. We must continue to support and advocate for our profession. Because our work is vital to the built environment, it’s important for decision makers to understand the value of architecture and design. As the saying goes, most decisions are made at the local level. With this in mind, AIA Birmingham will continue to meet with local leaders to promote the value of architects. I challenge all of our members to join us as we develop and foster relationships with city leaders. As we push to promote architecture to local governments, I ask members to look for ways they can advocate for the value of architecture in their community through joining design review boards, building committees, city councils, and any other positions where design decisions are made.

Looking to the future, AIA Birmingham, through our support of the Alabama Center for Architecture, promotes the value of architecture to kids and young adults through programs such as dreamArchitecture and N2Architecture. These programs have reached thousands of local students and will foster more students to pursue architecture majors and an appreciation in good design. Besides younger students, AIA Birmingham and the Alabama Center for Architecture continues to help college students through its scholarship awards program. As those of you who are involved with these programs know, it’s very rewarding to see how excited the students are to learn about architecture and design.

Along with local advocacy, we are very excited about our planned chapter meetings this year. We understand leaving the office is tough when you have a looming deadline. For this reason, we look to provide meetings with value and interest. Since most of our chapter meetings are sold out, make sure you are on the mailing list. If you don’t get notifications, please be sure to let us know.

Your membership in the AIA is very important and we are grateful for your continued support. Since our organization is strongest as a unified voice, we welcome your input and hope you will be an active participant in the chapter. Know we continually challenge ourselves to provide the greatest value for our members, and we strive to make each year better than the last.

I am excited for everything AIA Birmingham has planned this year and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the chapter as President. Let’s make it an awesome year!


Ross McCain, AIA
2018 AIA Birmingham President