2020 April Newsletter

Words of Encouragement from our President:

“Most of us are in a bit of a shock I think. I enjoyed a sermon this weekend:  it mostly said this too shall pass…and we need to not give up.  Easy to say, hard to do. ‘Look forward, don’t give up.’ I so look forward to resuming our chapter activities and our gatherings. One thing for sure, I can’t wait to hug everyone!”

Lissy Frese, AIA
2020 AIA Birmingham President

Architects to the RESCUE Again

Hi AIA Family,

I miss seeing all of your beautiful faces, hugs, laughing with you and meeting you for coffee. I had no idea I would miss you so much until cooties hit us. Never again will I take for granted seeing you.

Once again, everyone will be looking to architects for design solutions that will help keep us cootie free. We expected you to save the planet by sustainable design, keep us healthy and fit by designs that makes us more active, keep our children safe while at school and now design healthier environments that do not spread germs/cooties/viruses. Each time the public throws the architectural profession a design challenge, all of you find a solution. We know so many of you are already turning hotels into hospitals and I am sure some of you are working on a long-term solution. Architects always step up to help with the most current crisis. YOU make me so proud.

I also know many of you are nervous about the economy, we have all been down this path before, back in 2008 when it happened overnight and in prior years. There will be a slow-down in all markets except healthcare. We will bounce back much quicker than in the past.

We have a list of resources HERE and linked on our homepage for a quick reference. From utility info and free CEUs to tips for a virtual office, loan deferments and more – We are here if you need us. My cell number is 205-601-2345 if you need to chat, vent, share worries or just to ask questions. I am here for you.

Stay strong, be patient, and do not go to the back of the cave to poke the bear. If you keep going back there, he will wake up.

Hoping to see you soon!

Peace & AIA Love,
Rhea Williams, Executive Director AIA Birmingham & Alabama Center for Architecture

We have created a library of resources that is regularly updated with messages from local, national, & state government, as well as updates from AIA National. We have also been sharing helpful articles on the AIA Birmingham Facebook page!

Keep your hands washed & your spirits lifted! We will get through this crisis together & celebrate on the other side. In the meantime, let’s do our best to be compassionate & practice responsible social distancing. 

Design Awards Update

We encourage those who can to mail in their PowerPoint submissions to AIA Birmingham at 109 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. S. Birmingham, AL 35233 on a flash drive, OR they may send a DropBox or Google Drive link to katie@karmamanagementinc.com

AIA Birmingham looks forward to celebrating design with all of you once it is safe to do so. We will continue providing updates as we learn more! 

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We had a blast with you all at our February Chapter Meeting! We were joined by Ivan Holloway, Executive Director and Elijah Davis, Strategic Growth Manager of Urban Impact, Inc. They gave updates on strategic initiatives and developments in the Birmingham Civil Rights District and spoke about expectations for the 2020!

This was our first “Friday Conversation,” a series that focuses on community engagement! We hope to share another soon, once gatherings are permitted again.

A Note to AIA Birmingham Members:

Join us in supporting those who support our profession through AIA Birmingham. When looking for vendors and consultants, please be sure to refer to our Sponsor list to the right of this page OR our Sponsors page. Thanks so much!

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Check out the 2020 sponsorship brochure here.

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Thanks to our Gold & Platinum Sponsors who came out to enjoy coffee and networking with our Executive Committee! This exclusive event was a great chance to get to know each other and make new connections.

Our gracious sponsors make our programs and events possible, so we were thankful for this chance to show them some extra AIA Bham Love!

Need HSWs? AIA Birmingham is offering a variety of FREE online courses for members!

Here are a few:

Visit AIAU for more FREE courses for AIA Members!

Need Help with AIA Membership?

AIA National is looking at all upcoming events and milestones through the lens of member safety and member needs. In an effort to help members who are impacted by COVID-19, AIA National has decided to move the membership lapse date from March 31 to April 28, 2020. We hope this will give you all more time to access AIA’s helpful resources until you can renew your membership.

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