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June 2020

We're all in this together! (4)

Words of Encouragement from our President: Even though we are part of a community, (architects, religious, neighborhood, etc.) we need to rely upon ourselves as individuals to make our society good. I am grateful to be a part of a profession that feels deeply and is not afraid of expressing it. We can’t legislate morality […]

2020 April Newsletter


Words of Encouragement from our President: “Most of us are in a bit of a shock I think. I enjoyed a sermon this weekend:  it mostly said this too shall pass…and we need to not give up.  Easy to say, hard to do. ‘Look forward, don’t give up.’ I so look forward to resuming our […]

2020 January Newsletter

AXP Study Materials

A Message from our 2020 President:   Dear Colleagues and Friends, First, I want to thank you for trusting me to be your president.  I am among many talented and committed colleagues, so it is an honor. I recognize that each of you makes a huge difference in our chapter. I went to Grassroots last […]

2019 August Newsletter


Happy August, I love survey results! The AIA Birmingham Executive Committee is working on a five -year strategic plan and the survey results will help guide our plan. MEMBER input is crucial for us to be successful and have the greatest impact. I am loving the results we have collected to date, most of you […]

2019 Issue Briefs

Today, hundreds of architects need our help as they climb Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to lobby for the profession. We are asking you to amplify their effort by adding your voice. By engaging simultaneously with Alabama’s U.S. representatives, the message will be much more impactful. Visit the following link to send a quick email […]

September 2018 Newsletter

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Hi Beautiful Architects, I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago for an AIA Executive Director conference. 225+ executives who all manage AIA chapters across the United States sharing what is an issue or concern for the architectural profession and for their communities. Every state had the same issues; food desserts, education, crime, school […]

AIA Alabama Council Announces 2016 Design Award Winners

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Alabama Council of The American Institute of Architects Post Office Box 240757  •  Montgomery, Alabama 36124-0757 Telephone (334) 264-3037  •  Fax (334) 272-7128  •  Email      Alabama Council AIA Announces 2016 Design Award Winners   The Alabama Council of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) honored building projects as outstanding examples of architecture […]