UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Project Name:
UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

Project Location:
Birmingham, Alabama

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Architect of Record:
Williams Blackstock Architects
2204 First Avenue South, Suite 200
Birmingham, Alabama

Design Architect:
290 Congress Street, Fifth Floor
Boston, MA 02210-1005

Project Team:
Landscape Architect:
Nimrod Long & Associates

Structural Engineering:
LBYD, Inc.

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineering:
Newcomb & Boyd – Phase I
Whitaker & Rawson – Phase II (M/P)
Sajjadieh Engineering Group – Phase II (E)

General Contractor:
Brasfield & Gorrie – Phase I
Chase Building Group – Phase II
Taylor and Miree Construction – Phase III

Sherwood Cox – all photos