Northside Fire Station

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Project Name:
Northside Fire Station

Project Location:
1 Peach Tower Road
Clanton, Alabama 35045

City of Clanton

Architect(s) of Record:
Barry C. Davis
Barry Davis Architects, P.C.
One Riverchase Ridge, Suite 102
Birimgham, AL 35244

Project Team:
Structural Engineer:
716 South 30th Street, Birmingham, AL 35233

Mechanical Engineer:
Southern Engineering Consultants
109 South Court Street, Prattville, AL 36067

Electrical Engineer:
Jackson Renfro & Associates
141 Village Street, Suite 1, Birmingham, AL35242

Steve Gay Surveying
6364 County Road 81, Clanton, AL 35045

Christian Sciences
3608 7th Court Street S, Birmingham, AL 35222

General Contractor:
Clements Dean Building Company
5455 Highway 51, Wilsonville, AL 35186

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All photos by Barry Davis Architects